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 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA)As the name suggests will be made up of companies ranging from small proprietor run & owned concerns to large private limited companies. Public limited companies to multinational & transnational conglomerates who have come together to BUY together various resources it requires directly from manufacturers, globally. The membership of this forum is open only to companies incorporated in accordance to the law of the land. Companies which are not registered as per government rules will not have access to its membership.

 CRPA is a Ressourzen Initiative. Anchored by Ressourzen for its member registered companies / organisations.

 CRPA’s objective is to address & remove the inefficiencies of supply chain, completely redefine the way companies buy the various non-core resources they require – directly from manufacturers, globally& let the partner companiesunleash &experience the power & savings of collective buying.

 The association comprises of registered companies as its members who come together with a common purpose of buying large volumes from manufacturers & help them save cost. Get access to world class quality at local prices & better financial terms due to the power of collective buying.

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 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA)
It’s a yet another global first from Ressourzen.A company that conceptualised & created world’s first eERO company & the world’s first ERPA – Education Resource Procurement Association. The world’s first SRPA – Student Resource Procurement Association & world’s first PRPA – Parent Resource Procurement Association. Members of eERO / ERPA / SRPA / PRPA along with members of CRPA – make for the largest end to end community sourcing association in the world today. 

 Ressourzen - It’s a company that believes in getting various community of buyers to come together to BUY together to serve primarily two of its founding objectives. A. Help communities of buyers like educational institutions, corporate companies, parents, students and employees to come together to BUY together to help save its partnering members save cost on resource procurement &B. Create alternate sources of revenues for its partnering companies& other community members.

 CRPA is world’s first companyresource procurement association – that gets the end registered companies / corporatecompanies or institutional consumers to come together on a common platform for the first time in the world & buy together.  CRPA gives the power & savings of collective buying back to the companies& with it comes various advantages that registered companies can now enjoy like the fruits of enhanced quality, better financial terms, substantial cost savings, getting access to world class quality, global manufacturers, access to global brands at their doorsteps, knowledge of process costing, control over process costing& above allsubstantial increase in savings year on year, every subsequent year.

 CRPA has been created with a soul purpose of getting corporate companies to come together to BUY together. The association’s objective is to tie up with global manufacturing leaders & get them to the door steps of even the smallest company and help them get access to world class quality at local prices – cutting thru all the supply chain inefficiencies. There by helping the corporate company save substantial cost, year on year, each year.

 Membership of CRPA is open only to Companies. Ranging from small stand along proprietor driven companies to large private limited companies to public limited companies any one can become CRPA member & use the association’s expertise to procure its resources, collectively. CRPA’s singles minded soul focus is to serve corporate companies to its best ability in helping it get access to quality resource at affordable price from world’s best manufacturers.

 The association dedicates itself to improve its ability to source world class quality at lowest price from across the globe. The association will acquire the technical knowledge & domain expertise required to source the best resources from across the world & make these resources available to its partner company’s at the most affordable price. The association will continuously upgrade its knowledge & skill sets required to source the various resources, corporate companies requires & dedicates itto finding ways & means to reduce the cost of resource procurement year on year, each year & pass on the benefits & power of collecting buying to its member corporate companies.




 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA)
Most corporate companies buy resources that are very similar or same in nature. Only the Type & Quality & Quantity differs, depending upon the cost one pays for buying the resource.

 Example – Almost all corporate companies buys products like office / company uniform, or a sportswear, an entire range of branded & unbranded stationery, print solutions, paper products, note books, diaries, photo copy papers, writing pads, shoes, socks, Laptop bags, office bags, sales promotion materials, gifting items, furniture and fixtures, consumer durables, power savers, office safety products, food supplies, catering services, sports equipment etc.

 Almost all corporate companies also avail services from various agencies who deliver services like catering services, sports training and specialised adventure sports training, test preparation & coaching & certified courses for various levels of skill development in varied areas, structured specialised coaching in foreign / international languages etc.

 Cutting edge global companies today seek to offer its employees – specialised training in the field of personality development, communication, presentation skills, data & analysis skills, board room & social etiquettes, subject skills, language skills – written & oral, knowledge of handling media etc. Modern age – progressive looking companies also seek to offer variety of eco conservation programmes, adventure tourism, specialised adventure sports training to its employee’s in a bid to make the working more enjoyable and as an initiative helping it to retain its employees too.

 Corporate companies also buys TV, CCTV, Buses, fans, air conditioners, furniture & fixtures, generators, UPS & invertors, computers & host of other capital expenditure items.

 CRPA seeks to aggregate all the planned& unplanned resource requirements of its corporate company members & seeks to procure them at the lowest price from global manufacturers / brands.

 CRPA has created a host of brands & under each of these brands CRPA offers a range of products & services at various price points that its corporate company members can buy for its own use or also take the initiative of making it available to its employees at below market price.

 The soul focus & purpose of CRPA is to pass on the cost savings and benefits of collective buying to its partner corporate companies. CRPA has two most important objectives as its guiding principles

A. To create & find ways & means to save cost for its corporate company members, year on year, each & every subsequent year. CRPA’s Soul purpose & single most important reason for its creation is to find ways & means to reduce the cost of resource procurement each subsequent year & continuously pass on the benefits of aggregated cost savings to its partner corporate companies.

B. To create an entire new chain of revenue saving initiatives in services areas that does not exist today for the companies. Thereby helping the corporate companies generate new sources of revenues savings by offering new products & services making use of its existing / available assets

 CRPA offers to its corporate company partners integrated end to end, technology enabled, cutting edge solutions in 17 product categories & 14 service sectors.

 This makes CRPA the world’s largest aggregator of various resources, products & services that corporate company needs & requires to run efficiently anywhere in the globe today.

 CRPA is a one of a kind association in the world that caters to serve only corporate company across India & the globe at a later stage aspiring for a global footprint. CRPA’s soul focus is to help corporate companies across the globe save money on resource procurement year on year.CRAP dedicates itself to continuously evolve to deliver cutting edge, technology enabled solutions & get into each & every area of resource procurement that will help save substantial cost for its corporate company members.

 The association will also focus on adding new areas of resource procurement as & when required by its members. The association will also offer new resources based on the trends in the International market, thereby facilitating its members to adapt to new technology, products & services with ease.

 CRPA today is the world’s largest aggregator of products & services that it offers to its partner corporate company members& it plans to reach out to 10000 corporate company in the next 10 years.

 The Idea of CRPA was born in September, 2012. In Chennai, Tamilnadu, India. CRPA is now expanding its reach to metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi & Hyderabadin 2015. In the next few years CRPA aspires to have an All India foot print. After serving the corporate companies In India, the association also have a vision & desire to go global across 5 continents.

 As CRPA gets associated with corporate companies across India – it believes its very own members will give it access to sourcing raw material for its products & services, in house manufacturing capacities &units, offices, building & trade centre’s where CRPA’s office, visual display centres & its own retail stores will come up in collaboration with its partner corporate companies.

 This unique & innovative initiative of CRPA Creating an entire new range of revenues for its CRPA members like opening up retail initiative & visual display centres also enables CRPA members to serve corporate companies, company employees, educational institutions, students & parents whom the association does not reach, helping them get access to substantial saving with each purchase.

 This pioneering concept not only gives access to non-member corporate companies & corporate employees, educational institutions, students & parentsget access to substantial savings on resource procurement with each purchase but also gives them access to an entire range of products & services they require all under one roof. This very unique, a global first & one of its only kind initiative also throws open an entire new range of revenue streams for our partnering corporate company members.

 The Soul Purpose of this unique initiative / endeavour is to throw open the benefits of substantial cost savings, global quality at most affordable price & ease of buying all that the corporate company require all under one single roof & pass on this benefit of power of collective buying & experience the power of collective savings not only to CRPA members but also to educational institutions, students, parents & corporate employees yet to be associated with CRPA.

 CRPA also endeavours to pass on the benefit of cost saving, global quality at affordable price& ease of procuring all the resources that need under one roof to corporate companies, employees, educational institutions, students & parents at large across India & later across the world thru its retail initiative of visual display centres located across India & Globe, present across all Important cities under its retail brand initiative Scholar Shoppe.

 To this effect – Ressourzen is also pioneering world’s first PRPA – Parent resource procurement association, world’s first SRPA – Student resource procurement association& the world’s first ERPA – Education Resource Procurement Association.

 CRPA’s Visual Display Centre’s – are the place where in partner corporate companies willgets to see various products & services it requires – touch it, feel it, get to know the quality , then place the order with CRPA which in turn will coordinate its procurement & delivery with its partnering manufacturers across the globe.

 CRPA’s Visual Display Centre will have an entire eco system of resources that – corporate companies, employees, educational institutions, students &parentswill need, all under one roof. CRPA will have these products & services at various price points, of various qualities & styles to suite the price & budget requirement of each type of corporate company, employees, educational institutions, parents & students. Giving CRPA members & non-members access to procure products & services from one of the largest range products &services displayed for corporate sector & for students, parents& corporate employees anywhere in the world.

 The single most important advantage & benefit coming out of CRPA initiative is not only will educational institutions, parents, students, corporate companies & employees get access to global quality at affordable price. CRPA also seeks to co create the wealth & share it with its partnering corporate companies in its manufacturing & retail ventures too.

 CRPA – welcomes corporate companies become a member with it and co create the world’s largest end user association that the world has ever seen. Since Amul Brand, we have not seen another co-operative association achieve global stature. CRPA believes its time has come to co-create &rewrite history!!!!

 CRPA members will get the opportunity to put up visual display centres, retail outlets under Scholar Shoppe initiative under CRPA’s unique revenue share modal. The Visual Display Centre – Retail Store can be put up inside corporate companies as well as in the open retail market there by helping CRPA reach out to its non-member corporate companies, parents, students & corporate employees too. CRPA members who have access to production units, manufacturing plants, of various resources required by CRPA – will also have an opportunity to share its manufacturing facilities & production capacities with CRPA to create various innovative solutions & various products & services for CRPA’s partnering members & non-members alike.

 Welcome to CRPA that dedicates itself to rewrite the ways corporate companies procure resource across India & the Globe.

 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA)
CRPA pioneers the concept of Manufacturer to End Consumer modal. This unique initiative’s objective is to bring Manufacturers in direct touch with end customer & take end consumers to direct manufacturers there by removing the entire range of supply chain inefficiencies & help end consumers save substantial cost on resource procurement year on year, each subsequent year.

 Give Access to expert domain knowledge in resource sourcing for corporate companies, employees & end consumers

 Technology driven, technology enabled futuristic solutions, providing solution to your pain points in an innovative & cost saving way

 Access to product specialist, Industry thought leaders & domain experts developing customised solutions exclusively for corporate sector, keeping in mind international trends & future requirements of corporate companies. Develop & deliver long term solutions

 Build relationship &network of likeminded corporate companies

 A platform to come together with other educational institutions to BUY various resources they require together

 Experience the Power of collective buying unleashing the power to save collectively for self as well for all partnering corporate companies

 Reduced cost of resource procurement year on year, each subsequent year

 Access to range of branded product & services in different qualities & price point, varied & different styles giving each corporate company one of the largest range of products & services to select from

 Cost savings & reduction delivered year on year, each year for every subsequent year. Excellence in resource procurement delivered

 Access to Global Brands, global manufacturers at your door steps

 Access to better financial terms year on year from the partnering vendors& manufacturers

 Sharing of knowledge & transfer of domain resource procurement expertise to partnering corporate companies

 Corporate companies having manufacturing units can collaborate with ERPA to help partnering companies save cost on resource procurement giving them access to new venues of revenue creation & savings

 Knowledge & information of international trends in resource procurement across the globe being brought to partnering corporate companies doorsteps.

 Development of relevant new products & services keeping in mind global trends & the same product & services being made available to partnering corporate companies



 World’s first Company Resource Procurement Association (CRPA)
An opportunity to come join hands with CRPA to co create world’s largest association of end customer corporate companies – giving them access to unleash & experience the power of buying, collective savings & collective growth.

 Partnering with CRPA to co-create world’s largest association of likeminded corporate companies

 An opportunity pioneer, to be a part of a Global First & a one of its only kind of initiative in the world to save cost and get access to global brands, global manufacturers & substantial cost savings year on year for each subsequent year

 Partner with CRPA to pioneer and co-create the world’s largest visual display centre retail initiative to reach out to partnering CRPA member corporate companies as well as educational institutions, parents, students and corporate employees who are not are members yet.

 Coming together of corporate companies to create a one of its kind association in the world that is made of corporate companies, by corporate companies, for corporate companiesto help it not only save cost but also co-create & share wealth only amongst its own association members.

 Interested – register with www.crpa.co.in and we will get in touch with you.